A Quick Reiview of Firefox Preview for Android

Firefox for android’s performance has lagged behind chromium and Webview based browsers for quite some time now. But They have finally improved it.

I’ve used and chrome and firefox for android in the past but they both lacked features or were slow. Firefox preview is fast and has things like reader mode, dark mode etc.

So when i heard about fenix I installed it immediately. I’ve been using the nightly builds Since late april And I’ve been very impreesd so far.


It has a dark mode built in along with tracking protection and a reader mode to reduce clutter on websites.

It lacks extension support at the moment but it is on the roadmap You can enable a dark mode and a light mode which you can see down below. Firefox Preview And as you can see that the nav bar is at the bottom of the screen I hope they add a option for it to be the top as well like previous versions. You can add tabs to collections which are like a group of bookmarks. Firefox Preview

Using it

so how is to use? Pretty damn good for beta software. All websites i tried worked fine with out any issues with no rendering bugs.

Firefox Preview

It also handles desktop sites well and won’t give you some weird screched out mobile version of a website. performance is excellent in comparison to the old version; You no longer get that weird whiteboard effect when zooming on a page. I also found it stay in memory better then the older version.

Firefox Preview

When compared to chromium based browsers like chrome and kiwi I found performence to be basically the same 98% of the time with only a few slow downs here and there. I also perfer the the ui of Firefox in comparison to chrome. Speaking of the UI. it’s unobtrusive and gets out your way but it can take a while to scroll thuogh all your tabs if you have a lot open. Firefox Preview

Some crash’s here and there but nothing that whould make you thow your phone at the wall.

Final Thoughts

After two months of using as my phone’s main browser I can easy recomend you install it. It’s way faster then the old fennec builds and I’d say it’s at least 98% the speed of chrome for android most of the time.

The only three things i’m not fond of are there being no way to have the nav bar at the top, no extensions at the this time, and some crashes but i’m sure that they’ll fix these issues for the full release. it’s a good option I’m going to continue using it as my phone’s main browser.

You can get from the Google Play store or taskcluster.net

Article last updated on the 11 of November 2019