Runing VM's on the Asus Tinker Board

The tinker board is prety powerful single baoard computer(sbc) It’s very usable as a desktop machine for things like web browering, and light gaming. But what if you wanted to run virtual machines(VM) on it? well we can (kinda?)

Why whould you want to do this?

There’s no real reason to do this. It’s slow and has no pratical use other than for curiosity’s sake but there’s no reason we can’t!

The basics

The linux distro i’m using is armbian. For the virtualization software I used QEMU with virt-manager. the operating systems I’ll be using are haiku os, debian 0.93r6 and some from the QEMU Advent calender. Such as µCity on IncludeOS, TetrOS, and bootchess.

Also note that the tinker board has a rockchip rk3288 cpu using the ARMv7 architecture not A x86 cpu like in your laptop or desktop pc so it’s using emulation to run the OS’s.

Using it

before I tried out debian I disconected from the internet as this version dates back well over 20 years.

test debian worked ok. you can use emacs for text editing, play the built in chees game also Xeyes!.

haiku-os takes about 2 minutes to boot and once you get to the desktop it’s very slow,

at least networking and audio are working.

A lot POSIX utilities also work in haiku like nano, mc, bash, ssh etc.


you can browse the web in haiku using the built in WebPositive browser and it works. (ish) test

Well as you likely expected. It’s not the the best thing to run VM’s on

I’ll also being trying some more OS’s on the tinker board in The future

Bootchess was also playable! test

Thanks For Reading!

Article last updated on the 11 of November 2019